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  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

    Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA is driven by EU legislation It is a process whereby environmental considerations can be factored into plans and programmes that are made by public authorities It ...
    • ENFO
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    • Askaboutireland
  • Pollutant Levels in Fish

    Finfish and shellfish are regularly monitored for the presence of heavy metals chlorinated compounds dioxins and other dangerous chemicals that persist in the environment Results indicate that levels ...
    • ENFO
  • Rivers

    Over 1 150 rivers are monitored regularly in Ireland This monitoring looks at the chemical composition of the river water or else looks at the small animals that live on the river bed Some of these ...
    • ENFO
  • Chemicals

    While there is a thriving pharmaceutical industry in Ireland there is no legacy of large chemical industry here This is reflected in the low levels of chemical contamination found Dioxins are ...
    • ENFO
  • Causes of Pollution

    River pollution in Ireland is caused by discharges from municipal sewage treatment plants runoff from urban streets septic tanks landfills and from agriculture Forestry and industry also contribute to ...
    • ENFO
  • Quality of Shellfish

    Shellfish production areas in Ireland are categorised based on the level of treatment that shellfish require prior to being sold The best category Class A is where shellfish can be sold directly with ...
    • ENFO
  • Estuarine and Coastal Waters

    Ireland is an island surrounded by seawater and has a coastline of approximately 7 500 km Its position in the Atlantic Ocean on the north western edge of Europe has provided us with cleaner estuarine ...
    • ENFO
  • Land and Biodiversity

    The land of Ireland supports our buildings roads and other infrastructure It provides our farmers with crops and all of us with food it grows trees for building and energy and provides us with amenity ...
    • ENFO
  • Drinking Water

    The drinking water that flows from our taps is drawn from rivers lakes and groundwater and undergoes varying amounts of treatment to ensure that it is safe to drink For most people who live in urban ...
    • ENFO
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