The Liffey Swim: An Open Water Race

The Liffey Swim is the penultimate event in a season of 26 open water races held during the summer months and it is a handicapped race, there being a time penalty imposed based on a swimmer's ability.

Entrants to the Liffey Swim must complete 5 races of the season to qualify for the Liffey Swim. All levels and ages of swimmers compete in the race, however an entrant must be a member of a swimming club and be able to swim a mile. Nowadays the total average entry to the race is 200 males and 80 females.

Swim Ireland organises the race and approximately 70 of their volunteers manage the race. For many years the swim was sponsored by the Irish Independent newspaper, and in more recent years it has been sponsored by the ESB, Speedo, the EBS and Toyota. Dublin City Council has always been associated with the event.

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