Sligo County Library Archive/Local Studies Collection

The Sligo County Library archive/local studies collection is divided into two sections.The first contains the thousands of books, records, maps, newspapers, photographs, prints, reports, manuscripts etc. which narrate the story of the county. The second is  a special collection dedicated to the Yeats family which contains many first editions, signed editions, foreign texts, letters and other memorabilia as well as illustrations, printed broadsides and paintings.


Address:Sligo County Library Reference and Local Studies
Westward Town Centre
Bridge Street  

Contact: Local Studies Librarian

Phone: +353 719147190


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Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00-12:45, 14:00-16:45
Tuesday: 10:00-12:45, 14:00-16:45
Wednesday: 10:00-12:45, 14:00-16:45
Thursday: 10:00-12:45, 14:00-16:45
Friday: 10:00-12:45, 14:00-16:45
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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