The Workhouse was originally built to accommodate 400 paupers and over the first ten years the numbers seldom fell below 200. Thus it was necessary to have the institution well staffed and from the beginning the Board made a series of appointments ensuring this.

In charge of the daily administration of the house were the Master and Matron. The first to hold these positions were a married couple, Mr and Mrs Ball, and their joint salary was 65 or 83 per annum. Throughout 1841 and 1842 the following appointments were made by majority vote of the board:

Officer Appointment Salary

Medical officer March 1841 50 or 63
Schoolmistress August 1841 10 or 13
Catholic Chaplain October 1841 60 or 76
Protestant Chaplain August 1841 20 or 25
Schoolmaster February 1842 15 or 19
Cook February 1842 10 or 13
Nurse March 1842 10 or 13

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