Building the Workhouse

The first subcommittee established by the Board was the Workhouse Inspection Committee of which Lord Dunsany was Chairman. It was composed of six Guardians in all. Its function was to ensure that satisfactory progress was made on the building of the Workhouse. In May 1841 the Board held its first meeting in the Workhouse Boardroom and shortly afterwards the first paupers, "two destitute persons, a man and a woman" were admitted.

By the end of the same year arrangements had been made for the insurance of the House. The agreement gives an idea of the various parts of the building, 350 (443) on extreme building and furniture therein; 1,700 (2,158) on main building and its furniture; 300 (381) on infirmary and furniture; 350 (443) on kitchen and furniture therein; 300 (381) on chapel and its furniture. The total cost amounted to 3,000 (3,809).

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