Staffing the Workhouse

The salaried officials were responsible for the day-to-day running of the Workhouse.

The Clerk was the first official to be appointed. A notice appeared in the Carlow Sentinel of November 21st 1840 stating the Board of Guardians intention to elect a Clerk. Candidates were required to attend the Board on December 10th. The Clerk's salary would be 40 in the first year of office. Applications and testimonials were ordered to be forwarded to Col. Bruen of Oak Park, Carlow by December 1st. Candidates should also furnish the names and addresses of two sureties in the amount of 100 each.

Interest in this post had already been generated. Henry Montgomery had earlier placed an advertisement in the Sentinel. He pledged to discharge his duties with "zeal and integrity". The paper noted his qualifications and experience. He had already filled the office of secretary to local societies gratuitously. He was an active secretary to the committee appointed for the relief of the poor. The Sentinel felt that they were "discharging a public duty" by drawing attention to his claims. Later, on December 5th Robert Davies also offered his services as Clerk of the Union. He trusted that his long experience as an accountant would enable him to carry out his duties to the "satisfaction of the Board".

At their meeting on Thursday, December 10th 1840, the Carlow Poor Law Guardians appointed Robert Davies to the office of Clerk of the Union. Henry Montgomery had declined to give up all his time to the office. In the opinion of the Board, Mr. Davies was well qualified to discharge his duties efficiently.

Clerks of the Union


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