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Manuscript Sources

Minute Books of Carlow Union Board of Guardians 1845- 1923

Other Sources

Griffith, Richard - General Valuation of Ireland - County of Carlow, Valuation of the Lands and Tenements within the several Baronies, Parishes and Townlands in the said County [1844]
Griffith, Richard - General Valuation of Ireland Queens' County [1846]
Griffith, Richard - Primary Valuation of Tenements [1853]


The Carlow Sentinel
The Leinster Reformer
The Carlow Post
The Carlow Independent
The Carlow Nationalist
The Illustrated London News, Vol. 15
The Illustrated London News, Vol. 16


Burke, Helen - The People and the Poor Law in 19th Century Ireland. [1987]
Byrne, Joseph - Byrne's Dictionary of Irish Local History from earliest times to c1902 [2004]
Clark, Samuel and Donnelly, James S. (editors) - Irish Peasants Violence and Political Unrest 1780-1914 [1983]
Crossman, Virginia - Local Government in Nineteenth-Century Ireland [1994]
Kelly, John - Carlow Workhouse Project Report [1990]
O'Connor, John - The Workhouses of Ireland, The fate of Irelands' Poor [1995]
O'Donovan, John - Members and Messengers, Carlow's 20th Century Parliamentarians [2003]
Vaughan, W.E. (ed.) - A New History of Ireland vol 5, Ireland Under the Union, 1801-70 [1989]

Journal Articles

O'Neill, Thomas P. - The Famine in Carlow (in) Carloviana, Vol.1, No.1 [1947]
O'Shea, Sean - Carlow Poor Law Union, the Early Years [in] Carloviana, No. 52 [2003]
Robins, J.A. - Carlow Workhouse during the Famine years (in) Carloviana No. 24 [1975]
Foley, Thomas (Tottie) (submitted by Patrick Foley) - The Carlow Workhouse (in) Carolviana No. 47 [1999]


Newspapers 1767-2007

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