Rebels in Ballitore

'not long after two or three hundred men, armed with pikes, knives, and pitchforks, and bearing sticks with green rags fluttering from them, came in at the western side, headed by Malachi Delany on a white horse, and took possession of the town; Dr. Johnson, as representative of the yeomanry-guard, having capitulated on condition of persons and property being safe. I saw from an upper window a crowd coming towards our kitchen-door; I went down and found many armed men, who desired to have refreshments, especially drink. I brought them milk, and was cutting a loaf of bread, when a little elderly man, called 'the Canny,' took it kindly out of my hand and divided it himself, saying, 'Be decent, boys, be decent.' Encouraged by having found a friend, I ventured to tell them that so many armed men in the room frightened me. The warriors condescended to my fears. 'We'll be out in a shot,' they replied, and in a minute the kitchen was empty.

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