Original Government Bulletin


Extract of a Letter from Lord Viscount Gosford, Colonel of the Armagh Militia,
And Major Wardle, of the Ancient British Light Dragoons, to Lieutenant GeneralLake, dated Naas, Thursday, Morning, 8 o clock.

This morning about half past two o clock, a dragoon, from an out-post, came in and informed Major Wardle, of the Ancient British, that a very considerable armed body were approaching rapidly upon the town. The whole garrison were instantly under arms, and took up their positions according to a plan previously formed in case of such an event happening. They made the attack on our troops, posted near the gaol, with great violence, but they were repulsed. They then made a general attack in almost every direction, as they had got possession of almost every avenue into the town. They continued to engage troops for near three quarters of an hour, when they gave way, and fled on all sides. They cavalry immediately took advantage of their confusion, charged in almost every direction, and killed a great number of them. A great quantity of arms and pikes were taken, and within this half hour many hundred more were brought in, found in pits near the town, together with three men with green cockades, all of whom were hanged in the public street. We took another prisoner, whom we have spared, in consequence of his having given us information that will enable us to pursue these Rebels; and from this man we learn that they were above a thousand strong. They were commanded, as this man informs us, by Michael Reynolds, who was well mounted, and dressed in yeoman uniform, but unfortunately made his escape - his horse we have got.

When we are able to collect further particulars, you shall be made acquainted with them. About 30 rebels were killed in the streets; in the fields, we imagine, above a hundred; their bodies have not yet been brought together.

It is impossible to say too much of the cavalry and infantry; their conduct was exemplary throughout.

Government Bulletin, 24 May 1798. Account of attack on Naas.

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