See how much you've learned in this quiz!

Answer the following questions in your copybook.

1. What kind of land is Cork city built on?

2. What is the population of Cork city

a. 67,000

b. 98, 000

c. 123, 000

3. Name a mountain range north of Cork.

4. Name two counties that border Cork.

5. Name a suburb of Cork.

6. Name two streets in Cork.

7. What does a scale of 1:50 mean?

8. Who is the patron saint of Cork?

9. How long is Cork's Main Street?

a. 645m

b. 65m

c. 1645m

10. What does "Statio Bene Fide Carinis" mean?

11. Name an industry that developed in Cork in modern times.

12. Name one land use in Cork city centre.

13. Where is Ireland's only oil refinery?

14. Name two ways the Celtic Tiger has affected Cork.

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