Other follow-up activities

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Try out:

Simple circuits in the classroom at: http://www.ourlady.co.uk/work-science4a.htm

Making a lemon battery. Instructions on youtube.com (type in ‘lemon battery’)

The ‘Enviro Battery’ kit (STG£7.95) available from www.curious-minds.co.uk – it includes the lemon battery and lots of other ‘eco-friendly’ batteries.

Making a sparker: www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/sparker.html

Organise a group challenge:

Divide your class into teams and get each team to investigate the best renewable energy option for your local community.

Case study:

Do a case study on some of the Irish research groups active in electricity and energy research. Children might profile the scientists and engineers or attempt to interview them.

Find out:

Are there many women scientists and engineers in this research area?